After samples are approved expect delivery with the following timelines:
                                                 Ocean Shipments:  8-12 weeks     FOB CA

                                                 Air Shipments:  5-6 weeks             FOB OK

HWY 9A offers various methods of importing custom headwear. Here are the estimated timelines of Ocean and Air shipping.

Please allow 7-21 working days for the completion of your ballcap samples. This window allows time for more complex projects, ie: liquid medal, woven labels, screen printing, etc.  Ballcap images first arrive via email, in the form of a .zip file. You have an option to approve via images or wait for the actual sample.

Once the sample has been approved, production of an actual order begins. Production time is generally 3-4 weeks, of which your cap is placed in a container for an ocean shipment or taken to the airport for a more speedy delivery.  

Ocean shipments will be delivered in about 30 days from the date your caps leave our ports.  FOB CA.   
Air shipments deliver to you in about 7-10 days, depending on your delivery location.  FOB OK. 
Items of Note:  
All caps transported via Ocean shipment are FOB CA.  Caps being shipped via air freight are FOB OK.  Additional domestic shipping will apply whether shipped via Ocean or Air.